On Regularity, and Waving Lace

Racing to finish the Waving Lace Socks for my mom’s birthday, I have worn a thin spot in my finger where I push the needle back through each stitch. Because I carry this sock with me at all times, and we’ve been on vacation, I have also consumed a large quantity of beer while knitting. Fabulously tasty beer. Beers were with me at the start of the sock, and down the leg until I got to the heel.

I usually work short-row heels because they flow so well with the rest of the sock, but this is the first real sock pattern I’ve followed, so I’m following it completely. Working a flap and gusset took some concentration and frequent consultation of the pattern – the sock stayed home while it was in this delicate stage. The extra care was worth it – I love the look of the flap and gusset heel on this sock, and the squishy feeling of the heel back. Now that I’m knitting down the foot, this sock is portable again.  I haven’t taken any photos since that one, I’ll take another soon.

My next sock project is going to be the Embossed Leaves socks, out of the wasabi ShibuiKnits Sock yarn I got last weekend. For me! The Ravelry photos show this yarn pooling quite a bit, in this sock and in others, but I’m just going to dive in anyway and hope for the best. Not before I finish the Waving Lace Socks and the almost-done pair for Jim – all I have to do for his socks is graft the last toe, and yet I’ve put it off for over a week.

We are now super-regulars at Novare Res. It was nice to be recognized when we came in, it was convenient when they stopped asking for our Ids, and when they remembered Jim’s first and last names, it felt very good to be part of the regular scene. They know my name more or less, but it’s shown up on the bar slip as Nesha, Nessa, and Ness. Close enough! But when Edna called me hun, and loaned me a hair clip she had to run out back to find, I realized how regular we are. Almost family.



We stopped at Purl Diva Sunday on our way home from the Shangri-La festival because I needed yarn. Needed yarn. I found this:

And this:

And this:

The Alpaca Sox will most likely become a shawl at some point in the near future. The Shibui Sock will be socks for me as soon as I finish socks for my mom from the Lorna’s Laces. Winding begins immediately.

In other news, the festival was really pleasant. It was chilly and cloudy, so I wasn’t sweaty and sunburned, and the rain held off until we made it to the tent. Josh Ritter put on a really wonderful show, not surprisingly, and the relaxed atmosphere of the festival meant we could really get close to the stage.