Welcome, 2009!

Happy New Year!  I have big hopes for 2009, and I’m happy to say that 2008 did not let me down.

In 2008, I celebrated the first anniversary of both my wedding to Jim and the start of my career as a librarian.  We adopted Luigi.  We bought a house.  I bought a car, which has so far been both reliable and sporty.  I learned how to drive a car with a manual transmission.  I started running, and ran in a 5K.  I did a lot of reading and knitting.

This year, I would like to keep better track of both the reading and the knitting.  I am going to start a book journal and use the blog to keep a record of my knits.  Some of our patrons have come in with their book journals, and I think it’s so great that they can look back and see what they read 10 years ago, or be able to say with confidence when they last read Jane Eyre.  I read a lot of knitting blogs, and I would love to add mine to that body of good reading in the blogosphere.  I know that Jim will cringe at that last word.  Ha!  That’s why I used it!

I started to take photos of some knitting to show off here, but I didn’t really get any good ones, so I’ll spare you the dark and blurry shots.  I am currently actively knitting a Sipalu Bag that I got for Christmas as a kit, and a tweedy sock.  One sock of the pair was finished in 2008, just under the wire, and the second was cast on before midnight but really came into its own last night during a small movie marathon (Natural Born Killers and National Treasure 2).  I am coming down off a string of fingerless gloves, so it’s exciting to have something big and complex on the needles.

The Sipalu is my first two color knitting, and I’m really digging the two hands method.  I took a class last winter on knitting Continental, and I set the technique aside for some time.  Then Christmas knitting started to hurt my hands (I learned to knit from a book, so I have a sloppy style.  When I knit too much, I make a hole in the tip of my left index finger that opens into a crack in the winter.  Gross, I know.), and I had some ribbed fingerless gloves to make, so I revisited Continental, and I love it!  I’m not proficient yet, and have a hard time decreasing, but just knitting or ribbing I’m as fast as if not faster than I was before.  So with a color in each hand, I can knit Fair Isle nearly as fast as I used to knit.  It’s the counting and trying to figure out where I am that slows me down.  I’m having so much fun!!

So here’s to 2009, colorwork, hobbies, and beer.  I hope that everyone who this reaches has as wonderful a year as I hope to have.


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