Fresh Bread

For the last few months, Jim and I have not been purchasing bread to make sandwiches from.  Instead, once or twice a week, I bake bread.  I use Betty Crocker’s white bread recipe.  I also make other kinds of bread for occasions other than sandwiches.  I make focaccia, big artisanal-looking loaves, and once I made a raisin and walnut loaf.  I have been drooling over a sundried tomato and olive loaf recipe.

Making bread is a bit of work, but the resulting bread is so much tastier and more filling than the sliced bread we’d been buying.  It smells good while it’s cooking, it tastes amazing hot out of the oven, and it makes me feel connected to centuries of women who have baked bread using exactly the same techniques that I use.  It also takes up a big part of a day, makes a huge mess of my kitchen, and gets stale after a few days.

So worth it.


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