Body Movin’, 2009 Edition

I have been running at the community center four days a week since December 1.  I know, it’s only a month, but I go often enough to be a regular, and the other regulars say hi to me.  That’s all we say to each other because we are all exercising and it’s 6:30 am. I recognize everyone who exercises at that hour, with occasional interlopers who come once or twice.

This morning, there were a lot of unfamiliar faces.  Happy New Year, start exercising!!

I got a month head start on that front, mainly because I knew January would be too late.  Jim and I are running in a 5K on Friday.  In Florida!!  In Orlando!!  In Disney!!  Yay!  His mom is competing in the Goofy Challenge, which consists of a marathon and a half marathon, done in two days.  I’m not and probably never will be up for nearly 40 miles of running in two days, but I can do three.


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