Knitting Break (not in a good way)

I’ve had to give knitting a break for a couple of days – I overextended my right thumb, probably shelving books, and then knit for many many hours this weekend, which added to the pain.  When I started working as a librarian, my coworkers advised me to avoid picking up stacks of books with one hand.  Most of them have had a thumb injury at one time or another, and know from experience how easy it is to overextend.  Being a bit younger than everyone else I work with, and feeling myself invincible, I promptly overextended my thumb anyhow.  Lesson learned, I try to avoid picking up more than two books at a time.  Fast forward to late last week, I was trying to unload a book truck as quickly as possible, was picking up 4 or 5 hardcover books at a time, and overextended.  Nothing serious, just enough to keep me from knitting.  Good story, eh?

We picked up a bag of white whole wheat flour this week to experiment with.  It has more fiber than white flour, slightly less than regular whole wheat flour, and is pretty light in color.  I made our bread this week with half whole wheat / half white flour, and while there is a detectable difference in flavor, there is no difference in texture.  Yay!  Just as moist and delicious as regular white bread!  Whole wheat bread is less sweet, which is probably why most recipes call for honey instead of sugar, and more of it at that.  I’ll probably try honey this week, unless we decide to just eat bread that’s less sweet.  I’ll probably eat less as snacks.  It does taste fine made into a sandwich.

I’ve agreed to work this Saturday, which means 6 days of working in a row.  I’ve gotten old and grown soft, so it will probably be a long week for me, although I expect no sympathy – not only are there tons of people out there who regularly work 6 or 7 day weeks, but I’m lucky I even have a single job that pays all the bills.


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