The Care and Feeding of a Nursing Mother

I’m realizing that the amount of milk I make for Greta seems really dependent on the amount of oatmeal I eat. I know that oatmeal is a galactogogue, and also one of my favorite breakfasts, but it’s funny to realize that when I don’t eat it for breakfast, I pump much less. I also take Fenugreek supplements, which provide a little boost as well, but not as much of a boost as I’d like. Fenugreek has the unexpected consequence of reducing my appetite for tasty treats.

Anyone else out there have ways of making more milk that don’t involve power pumping? I really only find the time in my workday to pump twice, and then I pump after Greta goes to sleep, but it’s barely enough to send with her to daycare.
If only chocolate chip cookies and decaf tea were also milk-stimulating. I’d be all set.


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