Highlights from this Weekend

IMG_1065Emmett got to try his first caramel apple!  It posed a not insignificant challenge.  We cut it up for him about 2 minutes later, so that he wouldn’t be mainlining sugar right before bed, and also so that I could eat some 😉

IMG_1069I was cleaning up around the house and found this bag of money.  I think I still have to show up to work tomorrow.

IMG_1072We had a lot of fun playing tag and hide-and-seek in the cemetery today.  The shrubbery is perfect for hiding behind, then jumping out to scare a toddler.  I finally got Emmett to stop climbing and jumping on the headstones by telling him the people buried there don’t like him jumping on their stones.  Pretty sure that’s going to scar him later in life.

IMG_1099Greta was really into watching the Patriots lose to the Bengals.  Emmett is holding a piece of the vacuum cleaner that he thought was interesting.  I wish this photo was a little more flattering of Emmett, but I’m pretty sure that out of the 20 or so photos I took of the three of them sitting on the couch, this is the only one where they were all in focus.






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