Things I’ve Said to My Children by Nathan Ripperger – Book Review

Hilarious, on point, and very fun. I won’t make my review longer than the book, which is short and colorfully illustrated. I had no idea prior to having children that the things they say are so hilariously weird, and I wouldn’t have believed it without hearing it from my own offspring. Hearing ridiculous things from my own children, and coming across situations I wish I could remove from my memory makes crazy things come out of my own mouth – and I found a lot in this book to identify with. Ripperger has more children than I, and therefore that many more opportunities to say completely ridiculous things, but I have personally heard many of these lines from my own mouth…and I think they are much more hilarious when removed from the context and illustrated by someone else. I will not spoil any of the lines by inclusion in this review – just know that if you’ve found yourself saying things that sound crazy, and thought – I should be writing this stuff down – Nathan Ripperger beat you to it.


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