About Me

I am a librarian by trade, a knitter in my spare time, and a lover of beer.  I live in South Portland, Maine, in a house I just bought with my husband Jim.

I work as a librarian in large part because I love to pursue knowledge.  I also like reading, and helping people.

I am a knitter because I love to create things.  Things that are warm and fuzzy and beautiful are particularly appealing to me.  I learned to knit so that I could make mittens.

I drink beer because it is delicious, incredibly varied in flavor and texture, and a readily available and socially acceptable drug.

I have lived in Maine since I was 4, but because I was born in New Hampshire, my closest friends do not consider me a native Mainer.


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  1. Hi there.I came across your blog via tagsurfing for “knitting” and “librarian”. I really like it! Hope your thumb heals up quickly.

    I’m a sophomore college student and my goal is to get my MLIS but I have recently been having some doubts. (I have been knitting for several years, too…). It’d be really nice to be able to talk to someone about a couple of these doubts, but for whatever reason I’d rather do it via email than comments here on wordpress.

    Basically I’m curious what kind of librarian you are, and one of my concerns is the availability of positions for librarians. I have read a lot about beginning librarians having to just go wherever they can get a job and not having much of a choice as to what part of the country they live in. That sounds horrendous to me… I’m from California and can’t imagine moving too far from the West. I want to be an academic librarian..

    Anyway, if you have the time to exchange a few emails with me, I would be so grateful. My email address is strangeaslife@gmail.com.

    Hope your day is swell!

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