Highlights from this Weekend

IMG_1065Emmett got to try his first caramel apple!  It posed a not insignificant challenge.  We cut it up for him about 2 minutes later, so that he wouldn’t be mainlining sugar right before bed, and also so that I could eat some 😉

IMG_1069I was cleaning up around the house and found this bag of money.  I think I still have to show up to work tomorrow.

IMG_1072We had a lot of fun playing tag and hide-and-seek in the cemetery today.  The shrubbery is perfect for hiding behind, then jumping out to scare a toddler.  I finally got Emmett to stop climbing and jumping on the headstones by telling him the people buried there don’t like him jumping on their stones.  Pretty sure that’s going to scar him later in life.

IMG_1099Greta was really into watching the Patriots lose to the Bengals.  Emmett is holding a piece of the vacuum cleaner that he thought was interesting.  I wish this photo was a little more flattering of Emmett, but I’m pretty sure that out of the 20 or so photos I took of the three of them sitting on the couch, this is the only one where they were all in focus.






The Battle for a Good Night’s Sleep

We are struggling with our kids sleeping.  Greta falls asleep easily most nights without fanfare – no bottle in her hand, no backrubbing or bouncing or parental presence necessary.  It’s a beautiful thing, and by the book.  However, she doesn’t fall back to sleep easily on her own when she wakes in the night, and once she is awake, we all are awake.  That sweet girl has a pair of lungs!!  I’ve received some very good advice to follow, and we’re working through the advice until we find something that works.

It’s tricky to ask for advice because all kids and parents are so different, but for some reason I love to keep asking, and I have gotten some really good gems mixed in with all the judgement.  Some kids just seem to sleep (or behave, or whatever I’m asking about) well, and when I talk to those parents I can see the look in their eye – the “thank goodness I’m a better parent than you” look – as they tell me their kid slept through the night at 2 days or have never so much as had a naughty twinkle in their eye.  Emmett was not in a hurry to sleep through the night, and it wasn’t until I had Greta that I realized that some kids actually don’t cry for 3 hours straight in the middle of the night every night.  So we haven’t hit rock bottom yet!  At any rate, I’m hopeful that our sleepless nights are numbered, and that we’ll get some rest soon.  This parenting thing is tricky business, but at least my kids look beautiful in their pajamas.


The Care and Feeding of a Nursing Mother

I’m realizing that the amount of milk I make for Greta seems really dependent on the amount of oatmeal I eat. I know that oatmeal is a galactogogue, and also one of my favorite breakfasts, but it’s funny to realize that when I don’t eat it for breakfast, I pump much less. I also take Fenugreek supplements, which provide a little boost as well, but not as much of a boost as I’d like. Fenugreek has the unexpected consequence of reducing my appetite for tasty treats.

Anyone else out there have ways of making more milk that don’t involve power pumping? I really only find the time in my workday to pump twice, and then I pump after Greta goes to sleep, but it’s barely enough to send with her to daycare.
If only chocolate chip cookies and decaf tea were also milk-stimulating. I’d be all set.